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Pawna Lake Camping must visit destination


Pawna Lake is one of most popular destinations which is situated in Maharashtra. It is nothing less than the paradise of a camper as it is surrounded by high towering hills and is blessed with a pleasant climate throughout the year ,rendering it a lovely getaway location and hence can be rightly termed as “an artwork of nature”.

It is popular because of the stunning landscape which is covered with a green carpet, the historically important forts like Tung Fort, Lohagad Fort, Visapur Fort and Tikona Fort including the camping experience overnight.

Geographically, Pawana Lake is located in the Western Ghats which makes it a natural hotspot for flora and fauna. The lake along with such beautiful surroundings make it an awesome sight as it imposes itself like a canvas painting in your eyes. Visitors from all parts of the world come here to visit this place and to enjoy its serene beauty. 

It is an unexplored area, however the importance of the place has increased after the construction of the Pawna Dam. And, the other thing which contributes to the beauty of this place is Aerial hills which surround the site. Absorbing the scenic beauty of the place while lying on the soft grass under the starry sky is such an experience that will be unforgettable for you.

Its surroundings are unexplored and beautiful which offer great opportunities to spend a one on one time with nature which makes it a perfect weekend getaway destination for people who are looking forward to spending their time wisely.

Best Time To Visit

Pawna lake can be visited all round the year. However, the best time to visit is from January to May and October to December. As, during this period the climate of the state is suitable for planning a visit to the lake and your experience of absorbing the beauty of the site will not be hindered by the weather. During the beginning of the year, you get the opportunity to wake up to the beautiful sunrise and schedule your day ahead accordingly.

And around December, you feel the cool breezes gushing by, which will improve your stay in the camps. 

Main attractions

First of all, the moment you reach here, you can smell adventure in the air. 

The glorious lake surrounded by fresh greenery and broad mountains looks really stunning at sunset . What makes this place distinguishable from others for camping is it’s serene atmosphere and magnificent views of the sunset.

It’s nothing but utter pleasure to sit by the pool, linger in the tent next to the lake, the comfort of a campfire, mouth watering barbecue and enjoying the beauty of nature under the stars. For recreation, you can enjoy a number of activities on the lake. There are various kinds of outdoor sports, such as cricket, badminton, basketball, etc.You can go canoeing, boating and do other activities there, apart from sightseeing. If you enjoy camping and outdoor activities, then you and your friends and family need to visit the spot.

Places nearby to visit 

Around Pawna lake, there are many beautiful places to visit that have some wonderful historical values and mesmerizing natural beauty. Like, 

Lohagad Fort

Lohagad Fort has  great historical importance as Chatrapati Shivaji used this fort to hold his valuables. You’ll be surprised to see this great fort at such an altitude. The top of the fort provides you with a mesmerizing view of the mountains surrounding it.

Karla cave

It is an ancient Buddhist cave located near Pawna Lake on a hilltop. This cave’s primary attraction is its huge prayer hall. On the entry to the cave as well as in the hills, the beautiful figures and sculptures are carved. It is a great ancient architecture with beautiful structure.

Bhaja cave

It is another popular ancient artist’s creations. To enter this cave, there are some 100 to 200 steps that you need to climb. There are 14 stupas with magnificent sculptures in the cave. It is a quiet and lovely spot with very beautiful and magnificent designs on the caves that look stunning from the top.

Rajmachi Fort, Tung Fort, Duke’s Nose and Tikona fort are some other places where you can pay a visit.

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