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Kumara Parvatha Trek things to do

In the Western Ghats of Karnataka, Kumara Parvatha is situated. It is the most challenging trek in Karnataka. Starting off from the thick forests, to vast lush grasslands and a waterfall as well, this trek has lots of variety to offer.

An ancient and prominent temple called “Kukke Subrahmanya” lies at the foothills. The temple is packed with history and among locals it holds a lot of significance. The temple is visited by people from all over the world throughout the year, to fulfill their wishes by making offerings. 

Shesha Parvatha with its dense blanket of lush green forest of the Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary stands right behind the Kukke Subrahmanya temple. The first glimpse of Shesha Parvatha as the dawn breaks will give you an idea of the adventure you are going to have and it will make your hearts race.

You can do so many things to make this trip unforgettable and here are some of the things you must do, which are as follows:

Trekking through thick forest

From the dense forest, your trek begins. The trees are so tall that they prevent sunlight from entering the field. The sunlight that penetrates through the trees is very low. As soon as you reach the forest so many birds welcome you with their noisy chirpings. A number of butterflies can also be spotted here.

The Western Ghats’ stunning views 

The Western Ghats are the best kept secret of nature. The views that you witness of the ghats are completely stunning, no matter which way you take a turn. Only for this,the trek is a must-do. 

The breathtaking view of pastureland  

A treat for the eyes is the grasslands after the forest portion. The grasslands are either lush green or golden brown, offering a completely different landscape in each season, regardless of whether you trek in the post-monsoon months or winter months. 

The grasslands are so breathtaking that you feel as though you are trekking across the meadows of the Himalayas.

Capturing the memory to cherish

It is almost difficult to visit a surreal place like Kumara Parvatha and not to click on images. For wildlife photography, you need permission from the Forest Department. Without any permission, you can capture photos of the luscious streams of water, flourishing grasslands, ancient caves, holy shrines, and take back home such mesmerizing views.

Camping at Bhattara Mane

The path of the Kumara Parvatha trek is very rocky and is covered with dense forest . So,camping on any trail is not possible. However, as it is a famous trekking site en route to Kumara Parvatha, you can place your camp at Bhattara Mane. But make sure you are carrying with you your camping tent and all other essentials.

Exploring various ancient caves

You can find several ancient caves at Kumara Parvatha on your way to the top. The Biladwara Cave, which has a mythological meaning to it, is one of the must-visit caves here. Vasuki, the serpent king of snakes, hid in this cave to escape Garuda’s anger, according to the natives. During Nag Panchami, this cave is inundated with jostling crowds of devotees who come here to worship Lord Vasuki.

 A worthy sightseeing

Witnessing Shesha Parvatha’s panoramic view of the blue sky and multiple shades of greenery is worth every second. 

Bathe in cascades 

The famous Mallalli Falls can also be visited to witness the white, foamy waters and find inner peace by taking a dip inside.

Exploring the Wildlife

Pushpagiri Wildlife Sanctuary is another spot, which you  must visit, if you love nature. It is  framed by rocky hills, lush greenery, tea and coffee estates. This sanctuary is home to a number of exotic animals and birds. It  will deepen your passion for flora and fauna even more.

Getting Spiritual Relaxation

Kukke Subramanya Temple is not only visited by trekkers, but is thronged all year round by Hindu devotees, marking the beginning of the Kumara Parvatha trek. To learn more about the past of the Lord, you may visit this temple.

Admiring Natural Beauty

You can also visit and breathe the crisp air around the cascading Abbey Drop. Abbey Falls is sure to provide your soul with relaxation, a great place to appreciate nature and click on a lot of pictures to capture the magic.

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