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What is BMI and How to Use it to Monitor Your Weight

What is BMI and How to Use it to Monitor Your Weight

BMI (body mass index) is a number that is calculated based on your height, age, and weight. It is used to determine whether you are at a healthy weight range for your particular body type. While it’s not an exact science, monitoring your BMI can be an effective way to keep track of your overall health. Let’s take a closer look at what BMI is, how to calculate it, and how you can use it to stay on track with your weight goals.

What is BMI?

BMI stands for body mass index. It is a mathematical formula that uses both your height and weight measurements in order to calculate the amount of fat in your body. Generally speaking, the higher the BMI number, the more likely it is that you have too much fat in your body—which could put you at risk for health problems like high blood pressure or diabetes. On the other hand, if your BMI falls within certain ranges designated as “healthy,” then chances are good that you’re doing okay in terms of maintaining an ideal weight.

How Do You Calculate Your BMI?

Calculating your BMI isn’t complicated; all you need are two simple measurements: your height (in inches or centimeters) and your weight (in pounds or kilograms). Once you have those numbers handy, simply plug them into this equation:   BMI = 703 x (weight/height²). From there, once you have determined what range on the scale your number falls into—underweight, normal/healthy range, overweight or obese—you can get an idea of where you stand as far as overall health goes. If you want to calculate it fast, you can click hier.

How Can You Use Your Results?

Once you know what range of numbers falls within the “normal” category for healthy individuals like yourself, then it’s time to put those results into action! Utilize this information by setting weekly goals for yourself based on maintaining a healthy lifestyle through eating well and exercising regularly. For example, if you discover that according to your current calculations yoursquo;re slightly above “normal” but still within the healthy range—then make it one of your objectives this week to cut back on snacking between meals or maybe spend a little extra time walking each day. Keeping track of these changes over time can help ensure that yoursquo;re staying within a healthy range while still living life with plenty of balance!

                 All in all, using BMI as a guide towards achieving better overall health doesn’t have to be complicated! With just two simple measurements—your height and weight—you can easily calculate where yoursquo;re currently standing as far as maintaining a healthy lifestyle goes. And from there? All it takes is some dedication towards reaching weekly goals like eating better or getting more exercise in order to ensure that yoursquo;re keeping up with any necessary changes needed along the way! Understanding how important it is to maintain good habits when dealing with issues like weight management will help ensure continued success long-term!

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