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Kodachadri Trek perfect weekend destination

Altitude: 4302 ft

Difficulty grade: Moderate

Best time to visit: End of September to February

In the district of Shimoga, Kodachadri is located in the heart of the Mookambika Wildlife Sanctuary. It’s one of Karnataka’s most talked-about trekking trails because it provides an adventure, a charm, and an experience that will remain with you throughout your life.

The Trek takes you through a picturesque village with paddy fields, dense forests, beautiful lush grasslands, and a waterfall that will make your knees weak. A sight to be seen is the rolling green grasslands and hills surrounding the top.To add to these experiences, you will visit a temple that is thought to have been built thousands of years ago and is packed with a rich history. This is the place where Adi Shankara, renowned philosopher, theologian, visited and meditated at the highest.

On the Western Ghats trek of Karnataka, you don’t get treks that are packed with many stories and history. It is a paradise for first-timers, intermediate and seasoned trekking enthusiasts.

Main highlights

Rolling Green Hills View 

Kodachadri Trek is renowned for the expanse of stunning rolling lush green hills.The grasslands with the appearance of the Shola forest are something you go for on the Kodachadri trek.

The hills are paved and extended as far as the eye can reach in lush greenery. 

From Parakeet green, Pine green, and Emerald green, the various shades of greenery differ. It is an exciting experience to see the drama and theatre of a mixture of cloud and mist.

Hidlumane’s waterfalls 

The Hidlumane Waterfalls is a cascade or series of seven waterfalls,which makes it the most attractive point of this trek.The gushing falls that you see right above your head are a sight to wonder and it is something that you can’t experience otherwise. The freezing water sputtering down is something that you need to at least dip in or get your feet within.

Mookambika Temple

The temple is located at the top.You see pilgrims coming to the peak of Kodachadri. It is said that the Goddess Mookambika battled and killed the demon Mookasura, made from stones.The temple is also dedicated to Adi Shankara, who meditated here at the top. The temple is often coated with mist and fog during the morning and evenings.

Trekking in the thick forests of Shola 

The trek takes you through the Western Ghats’ thick Shola forests. For any trekker who likes trekking through the thick canopy, this is a correct exposure and a sensational experience to trekking in a forest. 

The Wildlife Sanctuary of Mookambika provides a wide range of flora and fauna to discover.

About weather

For the Kodachadri Trek, the best seasons are the post monsoon or the winters. The trek is in its full glory after the monsoon. You can see the lush greenery all around the city. Compared to the monsoon season, you have much better views during the winter season.

With a combination of brown and green for much of the trek,the trek can be extended until the pre-summer season. Though, it is possible to make the trek during the summer season as well. The colors would be much browner in the shade if you shifted from the forest section into the grasslands.

During the monsoon season, this area receives heavy rainfall. When you hike to the height during monsoon, the difficulty of the trek increases. So, it’s better to be prepared for the challenge of trekking beforehand,if you want to take this option. 

Adventurous sections 

There is mild difficulty with the Kodachadri trek. So, if you are trekking, your stamina will be checked. 

One stretch that makes the trek difficult moderately, is the section from the last hut of Hidlumane to the hold road. If you are not cautious and don’t take the right precautions, the trek through rocks and the slippery trail can be dangerous. 

When covered with mist and fog, the stretch in the forest section can be tricky. Trekkers are also likely to take a wrong turn and end up following either a challenging path or an incorrect track. 

The evacuation would take a longer time compared to other treks in the event of any casualties or incidents. This is another explanation, why the trek is rated as difficult.

Nearby places To Visit 

Temple of Mookambika, Kollur: It is a popular place of pilgrimage and is considered sacred. It is located in the foothills of Kodachadri hills. 

Nagara Fort: A historic fort located in the district of Shimoga. It’s worth visiting this place.

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