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Ethnic wear(Saree and salwar suit) tips for this chilly wedding season.

As the wedding season begins, I’m sure there will be a number of weddings for you to attend. Going to a wedding entails looking your best, and when it comes to fashion, looking your best is serious business. Given how chilly it is these days, women’s ethnic clothing alternatives are often a source of concern, such as whether they will keep us warm enough!!? While your anxiety is understandable and to make things easier for you, we’ll focus on style ideas for two women ethnic wear outfits: the saree and the salwar suit.

Tips to keep yourself warm in saree

Since the time immemorial, sarees have been the go-to attire for ladies of all age groups. But Sarees are an attire that many people find difficult to wear in the cold. So, let’s take on this problem head-on with the following advice: Rather than wearing your saree with a blouse, you can wear it with a variety of different alternatives that will keep you warm. Turtlenecks and fitting sweaters are two of these alternatives.You can try out a heavy Banarasi saree design to keep yourself warm.   You can also carry a Kashmiri stole with a Banarasi saree for wedding. It would bring class to your attire.

Tips to keep yourself warm in salwar suit

If you are someone who doesn’t want to deal with the effort of draping a saree then the best outfit for you this wedding season is a designer salwar suit . While the salwar kameez is a decent dress option for the winter in and of itself, it may be made more comfortable with a few changes. Here are a few of them for your consideration. Like  banarasi saree, Kashmiri stoles could also be worn with your salwar outfits. This combination not only provides more warmth but also gives off a cool impression.If you’re going somewhere extremely cold, I recommend wearing sweaters with Patiala or harem pants. While most other outfits might be very cumbersome to wear, this one is quite light and excellent for times when there is a lot of running around.

Leather jackets also look terrific with a salwar kameez. You should absolutely try it out during weddings because it gives the wearer a tough but rich feel.

When comfort meets style you can rock any wedding. So there you have our suggestions for styling your outfit for this chilly wedding season. Follow Quresia for purchasing handloom clothes online  as well as  to get regular updates on fashion trends and ethnic wear.

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