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The 8 best freelance multidisciplinary designers to hire in 2021.


We live in an environment where very precise design requirements, such as a slogan, a website, a brochure, or a restaurant menu, are possible. However, by making something with several components or layers, whether it is creating a brand-style guide or designing the interior of your joint workspace’s spa, the concept appears to be even more diverse and complex. Multidisciplinary designers or artists are suitable for such projects because they are skilled in a variety of design techniques and formats. So, Freelance Bazar has curated for you the 8 best freelance multidisciplinary designers to hire in 2021. As you go through the article you will get a deep insight into the world of multidisciplinary design!

Multidisciplinary design 

A multidisciplinary design combines many design disciplines, such as UX, online, illustration, or product design. Multidisciplinary artists are specialists in many fields and construct intricate design strategies. When dealing with larger or more complex projects, having a designer who understands how graphic elements such as color, font, curves, and visual effects can translate through diverse mediums is advantageous. Multidisciplinary designers can assist you in communicating the brand to your target demographic most coherently and collaboratively possible across various mediums such as brand branding, packaging, user interface, and typography.

How to choose the top multidisciplinary designers?

Finding a multidisciplinary designer is critical and you want to collaborate with someone who is specialized in the productivity monitoring software design disciplines needed for your project. Here are the criteria Freelance Bazar used to pick the designers on this list:

Design Quality- If the designer is approved, he or she is assigned to one of three levels: Top Level, Middle Level, and Entry Level

These levels are shown on designer portfolios, so you can quickly see if you are dealing with a veteran designer or someone who is just starting.

Experience in multidisciplinary design

Professionalism – Consider previous client reviews to ensure that all our recommended multidisciplinary designers are service and design practitioners.

Gaga Vastard – This designer’s work is phenomenal and fantastic. Designs are very great and prompt. Apart from this, he is very responsive and easy to work with. The designer follows and studies the brief of your logo design very well and is open to feedback or you can say is very receptive. He has done 291 1-to-1 projects.

Sevarika – It is a branding studio powered by emotion. Their job is a blend of concentrated creative thought, attention to detail, and intellectual simplicity, both fueled by their passion for creativity.

They are still looking for new challenges, and their expertise makes them the right partner for all the branding requirements. They have 209 contests. 

Shaka88- They have won 208 contests and have done 74 1-to-1 projects. Along with this, they have been turned out to be runner-up in 854 contests. Shaka88 is a minimalist logo designer. They deliver perfect designs. Designers do careful research and take deep consideration of the logo design brief and thus able to deliver eloquent design product.

ulahts- They have been doing excellent visual identity, logo design, and branding specialization since 2003. Till now they have a winner of 420 contests and have done 160 1-to-1 projects. They have proven themselves the top-notch provider. As per their client’s review, they are very creative, professional, and do timely deliverance. Their communication is great and is willing to make many iterations in the logo design. So, you can think of them as they are very collaborative and carry out excellent designs.

vraione – As per its client’s review, this designer is very creative and has carried out beautiful and eye-catching work. He is very quick in response and can do many edits and iterations. Till now he has won 147 contests and has done 95 1-to-1 projects.

ludibes – They have experience of over a decade in designing and providing branding solutions that can help you shape your designs.

They have got an eloquent, excellent, and effective eye for logo design. As per its reviews, they can pull off a long order of family logos. In addition to this, they are great in communication and service.

musework – If you need original and clean designs then you can think of them. They can improve your logo design as per your need. The designer is fast to respond to any changes and has very great ideas for logo design. They have won 108 contests and have done 56 1-to-1 projects.

GOOSEBUMPS – They are extremely professional and good at designing. As per the reviews, their work consistently exceeds the expectations. Their services are very affordable. Very creative, efficient, and maintain a great level of communication. They have won 208 contests and have done 352 1-to-1 projects so far.

What to consider before recruiting a multidisciplinary designer

Style- Your brand is represented by the graphic design elements you use. 

Disciplines – It could be preferable to collaborate with a multidisciplinary artist who is skilled at converting design elements from real, tangible space into a digital one, or vice versa.

Creativity – A multidisciplinary designer who can take something vague and make it coherent and powerful across mediums would certainly help you get the most out of your project.

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